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Meydere Food Factory established in Biga - Çanakkale on 50.000 square meter land with its food processing facilities and modern technology under 12.000 square meter covered area.

As a first step fresh fruits and vegetables processing factory started to run on July 2008. The daily processing and calibration capacity of this fresh processing factory is 60 tons/per day and the majority of processed products go to main National Chains.

The starting point and main target is to utulize products of local growers. Therefore by using the advantage of big potential of the local area ,contracted raw material supply has already been started with many varieties of vegetables and fruits and reached over 2.500 tons in summer and winter products.Main items are tomato, aubergine, pepper, melon, water melon, peach, nectarin and sweet cherries.

In addition ,by supporting and encouraging the spare lands of the local area where haven't been planted in winter seasons ,these lands became supplier of many winter products like cauliflower,cabbage,broccoli,leek,spinach. By using 750 tons capacity, 8 controlled atmosphere rooms ,the shelf life of fresh fruits like apples has been extended and consumption of these products can be splitted to all over the year.

The target of our frozen fruit and vegetable factory (started production on June 2009) is 60% export and 40% domestic market. The permanent and temporary employees of frozen veg. fruit factory is 150 and together with fresh veg. And fruit factory total number of employees reaches to 200.

By using hi-tech and under hygienic conditions all kinds of fresh and frozen vegetables and fruits can be processed and exported to all over the world. In addition to 9.000 tons annual IQF (Individual Quick Freezing) and capacity, factory has 5.000 tons storage capacity and also 25 tons /batch static freezer capacity. Our capable laboratory can make all demanded micro, physical and chemical analysis.

Our main aim is to improve the key product of our area which is red pepper (capia) and green pepper (California Wonder) and to support the growers of our surroundings and to process also the other products of our local area.

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